About CRAFT Homebrew Club

CRAFT was established in 1996 to support the hobby of homebrewing, Mead making and wine/cider making. The goal of CRAFT is to grow the hobby of homebrewing by means of education and demonstrations. CRAFT hosts two homebrewing demonstration events each year at Cap N Cork Homebrew Supply; National Homebrew Day in May and Teach a Friend to Home Brew Day in November.

CRAFT hosts monthly meetings where we discuss upcoming events, educate members on various beer styles and sample each other’s homebrew and Mead. Members are always happy to help each other troubleshoot problems, identify off flavors, or streamline the process. You'll also get lots of perspective on different ways to brew great beer/Mead, also get exposure to new beer/Mead styles and ideas. Check out the CRAFT website homepage for meeting locations, dates and times.

Occasionally meetings include a technical presentation (on process, ingredients, or techniques) and a style discussion (on BJCP recognized styles), each presented by one of CRAFT’s members.

Annual Events

Beer is known as a social drink and CRAFT hosts several events all year to kick-back, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Oh, and each other’s beer/Mead too. Check out the photo gallery to see the fun!

  • Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day
  • Post-holiday Party
  • National Homebrew Day
  • Michigan Homebrew Festival
  • CRAFToberfest
  • Group trips to local beer events
  • Group brew days

Awards and Accolades

  • 2016 Michigan Homebrew Festival “People’s Choice” Winner
  • Over 20 BJCP judges and six mead judges
  • Numerous awards at local homebrew competitions
  • Medals to date for 2017: 3 Gold / 10 Silver / 3 Bronze

Mead Mamas

The Mead Mamas are a group of talented Mead makers (honey wine), mostly made up of the wives of CRAFT members. Their goal is to make the best Mead possible while sharing their knowledge about Mead with the rest of the club and anyone else who is interested in this Nectar of the Gods.

The Mead Mams have won numerous awards for their meads, including numerous Best-in-shows. When not making award-winning meads, the Mead Mamas attend and host educational events to spread the word about Mead and to show support for local Michigan made honey and the local bee keeping community. In 2013 the Mead Mamas worked with the Michigan Bee Keepers to put on a Mead demonstration at the Seven Ponds Nature Center and attended the Mid-Michigan Bee Keepers Conference.



CRAFT vs Cancer - link page 12 - AHA membership required

CRAFT BJCP Certified Judges

CRAFT is proud to have several BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) qualified judges with many years of beer judging experience. The BJCP program trains individuals to hone their beer tasting and evaluation skills and then tests them on what they have learned. The BJCP organizes a program of beer examinations wherein test-takers complete a series of written questions regarding brewing, beer styles and judging and then performing beer judging exercises.

The BJCP rank is determined by both your exam score and experience points. A judge with any passing score and fewer than 5 experience points receives the rank of Recognized. Judges with a score of 70 or above on the exam and who have accumulated at least 5 experience points receive the Certified rank. A score of 80 or above combined with 20 experience points provides the rank of National. Judges achieve Master status by scoring 90 or better and acquiring 40 experience points.

CRAFT has many Recognized, Certified and National judges. If you would like an honest opinion on your beer or Mead, just ask for any one of the judges listed below at a CRAFT meeting and they will be happy to give you feedback.

CRAFT BJCP Beer Judges

  • Bill Bellair
  • Jerry Bonici
  • Fred Bonjour
  • Tracy Broomfield
  • Joe Burgel
  • Dan Fick
  • William Gornicki
  • Tony Greening
  • John Hilton
  • Brian Hojnoski
  • Andrew Kline
  • Scott Kruczyk
  • Janice Krueger
  • Kevin Kutskill
  • Cass Lancaster
  • Brian Longman
  • Al McKay
  • Andy Moore
  • Mike Preston
  • Konrad Schlenner
  • Bill Shadowens
  • Mike Zukowski
CRAFT Mead Judges
  • Bill Bellair
  • Michelle Bellair
  • Dan Fick
  • Tony Greening
  • Denise Kruczyk
  • Karen Robinson

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