Author Topic: Maillard products ?  (Read 136 times)


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Maillard products ?
« on: December 25, 2018, 04:52:58 PM »
I am trying to understand what this definition means : " Toasty-rich maillard products "

Complex, rich maltiness is dominated by the toasty-rich Maillard products. Some caramel notes may be present. Hop bitterness is generally only high enough to support the malt flavors, allowing a bit of sweetness to linger into the finish. Well-attenuated, not cloying. Clean fermentation profile, although the malt can provide a slight dark fruit character. No hop flavor. No roasted or burnt character.

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Re: Maillard products ?
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2018, 12:25:33 AM »
The maillard reaction occurs when you're heating stuff (also dependent on pH) it's what causes food to brown when you cook it. Like toast vs microwaved bread. Its also the reaction that takes place in malts as they get toasted bringing them from 2 row or 6 row base malts to crystal/caramel malts.

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