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CRAFT is a non-profit club whose members enjoy making, tasting, and sharing beer, mead, and cider.

Our 100+ members live in or around the Clinton Township, MI metropolitan area and range in experience level from beginner to expert at making great home brews. The club meets at 7:00pm each month at random breweries where we discuss club activities, hold educational presentations and enjoy a sampling of home-brewed beer.

We also hold monthly brew sessions at a member's house, which presents opportunities to learn about different methods, systems and gadgets that other home brewers use. CRAFT members also regularly enter home brew competitions.

Visitors and those curious about home brewing are always welcome. Annual membership dues are only $25 per person/couple. Please join us at a future club meeting or contact any of our CRAFT officers for more information.




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By placing my signature on this document and submitting my dues payment, I attest that the information contained above is true and accurate. I understand that I must be at least 21 years of age to be a member of CRAFT Homebrew Club or to consume alcoholic beverages in the State of Michigan. I also understand that alcohol may be intoxicating and I assume full responsibility to monitor the consumption of myself and my guests. I agree that any consumption of alcohol is voluntary. I agree to release and indemnify CRAFT Homebrew Club, Inc., its officers, its members, and any person or establishment that hosts CRAFT Homebrew Club functions, from any and all liability for any claims of damages or injury, except for intentional acts, that may occur due to my participation in club meetings, parties, or other club functions.

I further attest that I have a strong interest in brewing beer, wine, and/or mead. I agree to abide by the CRAFT Homebrew Club By-laws.

(Note: Must be 21 years of age or older to participate in our club!)

CRAFT membership (1 year) - $25.00